• Thank you David for preserving my 'three generation ring' with new prongs!

    When aunt Fran died at 85 yrs. old, I inherited my grandmother's wedding band and Fran's sterling silver charms with rubies and diamonds, recognizing her 42 years at Indiana Bell. Years before, she had given me her daughter's childhood opal ring, broken and missing some of the small opals. She asked if I could do anything with Marsha's ring. Nothing came to mind until I received my precious inheritance!

    She would be so happy! The wedding band is now out of the 'forgotten cardboard box' and worn with loving thoughts of my family. I combined all the treasures. The opal ring was mounted on top of the '100' year old wedding band. Then the missing opals were replaced with stones from her charms representing years of dedicated work. (I remember stories of how she often drove in snow, sleet and rain to work the night shift at the telephone company 35 miles away in Indianapolis.) I miss her. The ring does not replace our conversations but it is part of my continued relationship with her. The appraised value is almost worthless; the sentimental value is so much more!

    Beth Stark