• Custom Jewelry Design

  • Create Unique Custom Designer Jewelry in Breaux Bridge LA

    When you want that exclusive original diamond ring, gold necklace or platinum bracelet, call a custom jewelry designer in Breaux Bridge LA – one who can take your dream and make it a reality. At David’s Fine Jewelry, our designer have spent countless hours honing their talents in the use of 3-D graphic design. As premier Breaux Bridge jewelry designers, we utilize the power of 3-D graphics to blend structural integrity and beauty in the item being designed.

    Our owner, David Stonicher has experimented and developed his craft, training the eye and mind to work in tandem as he creates one-of-a-kind pieces. He knows exactly how to bridge the gap between the virtual screen image and the psychical wax model. It has taken our designers years to reach this pinnacle, where almost anything is possible. Our customers are only limited by the extent of their imagination.

    At present, we design all types and styles of jewelry, but a high percentage of our work includes diamond jewelry, engagement rings and wedding rings. We also create designs using blends of platinum, silver and gold. We offer unique earrings, pendants, charms and even corporate service awards and logo jewelry

  • From Photo or Sketch to Exclusive Jewelry Design

  • We invite you to email us a picture of the item that inspires you most. We often get several pictures detailing the best points in each with the goal of pulling all the elements together in one perfect piece of jewelry.

    Where we excel over other custom jewelry manufacturers is our ability to use 3-dimensional software to actually construct your item. As you can see from the screen capture shown here, we are able to design in any one of the four quadrants to achieve just the right look. Diamonds or gemstone shapes are replicated and placed where the real stones would be placed, lining up under cuts, prong assemblies, and support rails. We also take into consideration ring size, width between the fingers, overall height, thickness (metal volume), structural integrity and overall aesthetic beauty.

    Once your model is completed, we will create a 3-D artist rendering and email it to you for final approval before actual jewelry construction begins. Upon final drawing approval, the image file is exported as an .STL file that can be read by either the rapid prototype wax modeler or computerized milling machine. The computerized modelers take the data from the .STL file, slice the object in layers, and determine the plotting positions of the multiple layers required to build the model. A standard engagement ring usually requires approximately 225 layers of printing to complete the model. The modeler can produce several different models at the same time.

    We generally print five to seven models per day, taking 15 to 18 hours to complete. The benefits are the precision we are able to achieve having designed the model in the computer. Hand wax modelers can create very good models but both sides of the model are rarely as precise as what we can achieve. Also, a good hand modeler whom is very quality conscious will take 8-10 hours to complete one model. The computerized modeler can print 5-7 models in an 18 hour period but we generally utilize the hours from 7:00 pm through overnight product runs when most people aren’t working. Once the wax model has been produced, the jewelry making processes we use are the same as all other fine jewelry manufacturing facilities.

  • The secret to our success is that the finished items look as good as the initial wax model. This puts us at the forefront of jewelry manufacturing of the future. Here is where every jeweler will want to be and very few will ever be able to grasp the complex art of graphic design or justify the expense of the software or hardware required of such a project.

    Our casting methods are the most advanced in the industry. Our proprietary methods create the most superior settings available anywhere. We use an induction machine casting process that nearly eliminates porosity concerns and creates a denser cast then other methods, resulting in heavier and sturdier settings. By having our casting process in-house we are able to monitor the quality of every piece.

    Contact your Breaux Bridge Custom Jewelry Designer today with your design questions and we’ll be happy to discuss all the possibilities of making your dream a true masterpiece of jewelry. The options are endless and we have the expertise to design most any item you can imagine. Call David’s Fine Jewelry, come by, or complete our online request form and we’ll promptly get back to you. We are the premier custom jewelry designers in Breaux Bridge LA.